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How do you feel before the release and

what do think about the first single "The Rising Dragon",

which becomes a kind of message to Hokkaido for its 150th anniversary.


– I think, The Rising Dragon is a song that united 3 of us in one. – ARUTA



How does it actually feel to make a single  with a song dedicated to celebrate the 150th anniversary of our homeland Hokkaido?



As I imagined it - it feels beautiful. Deep in mind I think「it's awesome!」!




The Rising Dragon is a song that I particularly like, and I'm really satisfied with its final sound made in Finland at Tico Tico studio like our 3rd album.


A: Ryoji, what was on your mind when you were composing this song?


R: Increasing our Starting touring overseas in 2015 little by little we increase our activity abroad so we'd really like to show the "we're a Japanese band from Hokkaido"! So I was doing my best to make it sound really Japanese.

And this time I had a just cause for that as The Rising Dragon was meant as a song for Hokkaido 150th anniversary.


 A: Although metal has some set terms, we're following world-wide rules in our activity and that's why we want to do something special, something different! So I share your feelings.


S: You're right, I also thought that our recent songs would be welcomed overseas!


A: And the best part of The Rising Dragon, the hook with a great chorus, was actually Shuji's idea. We wouldn't have created it without him!

R: A special thing about GYZE songs is that anyone can sing along the melody, so in the chorus part we try to give a sense of unity by 3 of us adding a sing-along part. And I feel it established as an important part of GYZE style.


A: I really think this is a song that united 3 of us in one. And also at some point it came from Shuji's idea.

So what inspired you?

S: Right at the time when the song was almost finished I lost my grandfather and some other important people...

At that time my mental state and The Rising Dragon really overlapped!


R: The Rising Dragon combines such feels as "setting of on a trip", "graduation", "hope", "future"; moreover it has that spring feel to it.

Kind of the uneasiness before going on a trip・・・but filled with hope・・・.

So people dying is like departing, starting a trip in some sense, so I think we linked there two things...


S: The Dragon rising to the sky!!

To be continued...

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