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Aren't the lyrics for The Rising Dragon representing the real essence of GYZE? - SHUJI


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R: This time we released the single for 150th anniversary of Hokkaido, so we had to think about lyrics・・・

But taking into account both melody and lyrics I couldn't imagine Japanese Elegy to be anything but the first track of the single!


S: I see!

So, you mean 2 songs and liked by 1 story!


R: So the fact that Hokkaido now celebrates its 150th anniversary also means that the culture that was there before is gone.

Also, like a Japanese・・・or better to say as a citizen of Earth - I think that the Second World War is something that mustn't be forgotten no matter what.

The message that I thought must be shared is "Even at the place that seems bright, if there is a light there would be a shadow."


A: oh,  I see what you mean. It's like an elegy for a deceased (sad song) right?

So, this time our single is a conceptual release、、、maybe not completely but something like that. We must have the listeners read the lyrics too!

A: As for this song - it seems like a core of Heart Sutra. But when the demo came I was pretty surprised. (Laughs) ※in the video the Heart Sutra part is cut, though.


R: I don't really follow any particular religion but that Sutra said:

“Suffering and happiness are both illusions. Live at ease.”

I was deeply moved by these words.

S: At some point The Rising Dragon's lyrics might be a bit clichéd, but their meaning does reflect what GYZE is, right?


A: Indeed! Metal with such lyrics might be a good thing (laughs)

Both song and lyrics feel like "GYZE's present"...

And it seems like there was nothing before now. Awesome.


R: This time I really want the song to be heard, and not only by metalheads, so I invited Marc Hudson to sing on the track and also made an instrumental version so that more people could enjoy it.


A: Yes, you're right! I also want all the different people to hear this song and hope it will be used in many ways!

I feel like shouting "Hey, you must use our song in anime kinda stuff or at horse racing!" (Laughs)

R: Hey there, guys, can you hear us? Use our songs! (Laughing)

Of course, GYZE want to be a band active world-wide, but also we want to represent the future of Hokkaido, the future of Japan!


Shuji, it seems like you perform metal while understanding the feelings of those who're not into it, right?

Do you also want people with different tastes to listen to our music from now on?!


S: I want all please around the world to listen to it! (Laughs)

And I also want metal to become more popular!


A:  Yeah, it'd be great to become「my first metal band; the band that opened metal to me」for many people out there!


S: Exactly!!

At first I myself was against metal, but now I believe that metal is indeed a very peaceful world!


R: For sure!

And I want music lovers to listen to GYZE not only like their first metal, but also like a last resort~


S: Lets spread the wings worldwide!!

Now I finally feel like all 3 of us are going the same direction!


A: Yeah, this feeling is strong. In some sense having only 3 people in the band is good lol


To be continued...


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