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September 6th, 2018 about 3am suddenly I was woken up by a severe quake. It didn’t take me long to understand what was going on so I quickly escaped outside. Just a few minutes later the electricity shut down and light turned into darkness; only myriad of stars were twinkling in the sky.


The place where I live in Hokkaido is very close from the epicenter of the earthquake so the intensity here was low 6. Fortunately, I didn’t get injured; and the round 2 days without electricity showed me how we all usually depend on electric power. And this time the whole island called Hokkaido experienced power outage.


Actually, it all reminded me of the Tōhoku earthquake. At that time I was in Tokyo and a very strange atmosphere was hanging in the air throughout whole Japan… ー And this time I want to do something I couldn’t do then. During the disaster in 2011 many famous people, especially musicians were talking about the earthquake and were involved in support activities. We were still amateurs then, so we thought “no matter what such nameless guys us will do, it won’t have any effect so meaning.” And I remember how week and powerless we felt at that time.


7 Years have passed since then…and the earthquake came to the homeland of our band members, motherland of GYZE – Hokkaido. Right now I can compose music (I got lights back on yesterday)


This song was has the image of the sunset before the night that we all had to stay awake – The heartbeat of the great Japanese Far East island Hokkaido – The splendor or the great beautiful but severe nature – The mystery of the nature world that can’t be controlled by humans – I don’t think that it will heal the wounds of those who suffered from this earthquake. But we want to do what we can to help. I hope for everything and everyone to recover as soon as possible.


– Far Eastern Land 2018.9.6 –

by GYZE” ▼Free MP3 download

※there is no copyright on this song yet so please feel free to use it. Please credit “Far Eastern Land

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